empowering women since 1953

Urmi was founded in 1953 at Atul (Valsad, Gujarat) to empower women from rural areas by creating employment opportunities for them. Production of sun dried and iron pounded spices was introduced in the early 1960s and is an intrinsic part of our story today - our process focuses on bringing into being age-old traditional techniques of spice making. In addition to spices prepared by us, we also source other products made using indigenous methods and sustainable practices. At Urmi, we iron pound spices. Contrary to the ordinary pulverising method where spices are subject to immense heat, the pounding process is undertaken in smaller batches and with much lower heat release, enabling spices to retain their essential oils and giving them a distinct texture, flavour and aroma. Quality matters. Our team of women is well trained in each step of the production process.

SPICES WHOLE SPICES Black pepper Carom (ajwain) seeds Cumin (jeera) seeds Fennel (saunf) seeds Fenugreek (methi) seeds Mustard (rai) seeds Cinnamon Cardamom Clove DATE AND OTHER BEVERAGES Date (Plain) Date guava Date mango Date orange Date pineapple PICKLES Date garlic Date ker sangri Date lemon Date - Hot and Spicy Date - Gujarati Date - Punjabi OTHER Chutney (date) Chutney (date and tamarind) Crush (Barhee) Crush (Medjool) Date spread Ripened date A2 gir cow ghee BASIC SPICES Chilli powder Kashmiri chilli powder Spicy chilli powder Reshampatti chilli powder Turmeric powder Coriander cumin powder Coriander powder Cumin powder BLENED SPICES Garam masala Chaat masala Punjabi garam masala Chole masala Chai masala Chhaash masala Biryani masala Pav bhaji masala Pickle masala Sambhar masala Ginger powder Abhaya kadha mix Aamchur powder Black pepper powder HONEY Wild forest honey Himalayan honey Multi-floral honey Tulsi honey Jamun honey Litchi honey Ajwain honey (raw and unprocessed)

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