A few of our frequently asked questions:

Q. Are there any charges for registration?
A. No. Registration on Urmi is absolutely free.

Q. Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?
A. Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses in your Urmi account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different address you need to place them as separate orders.

Q. Can I have multiple accounts with same mobile number and email id?
A. Each email address and phone number can be associated with one Urmi account only.

Q. What are the modes of payment?
A. Cash on delivery (COD) | Credit and debit cards (VISA | Mastercard | Rupay)

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. Once you are done selecting your products and click on checkout you will be prompted to select delivery slot. Your order will be delivered to you on the day and slot selected by you. If we are unable to deliver the order during the specified time duration (this sometimes happens due to unforeseen situations).

Q. How will the delivery be done?
A. We have a dedicated team of delivery _______ operating across the city which ensures timely and accurate delivery to our customers.

Q. How much are the delivery charges?

Q. What is the minimum order for delivery?

More questions? Email us at urmi@atul.co.in We look forward to hearing from you!

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